Control-cabinet construction & control-panels

Elektrische Montage WIMTECH

Individual solutions according to customer requirements

We manufacture control cabinets, control panels and terminal boxes exactly according to the individual requirements of our customers. Our team works in accordance with international quality and safety standards and ensures the smooth operation of plants and manufacturing systems.

Individueller Schaltschrankbau

The heart of a system

The control cabinet plays a key role in industrial plant engineering, is the heart of a system and makes a massive contribution to the efficient control of production and automation processes. We take care of the production of control cabinets, control panels, terminal boxes and custom-made products in compliance with all international standards and regulations. In order to ensure safety, maximum availability and smooth operation of the control and regulation systems, we rely on the highest quality and functionality for all components installed.

Betriebsmittelkennzeichnung Elektrotechnik WIMTECH

Equipment labeling

We professionally mark and label all relevant equipment, individual wires and components. Of course, individual customer requests and documentation methods can be taken into account when labeling equipment.

Maschine Perforex Schaltschrankbau WIMTECH

Individual production with modern machines

In order to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to individual customer needs, we make adjustments to control cabinets and mounting plates ourselves in our factory. For this we use the most modern machines and technologies, such as the Perforex MT 2101 machining center. 
Installations and components used are also selected according to the respective customer requirements and assembled professionally. 
All work is carried out in accordance with international norms and safety standards to ensure constant quality assurance.

Prüfzone Schaltschrankbau WIMTECH

Internal testing zone for optimal results

As part of quality assurance, every control cabinet at WIMTECH is tested to ensure that it functions properly. Our experts carry out all tests using special measuring tools and state-of-the-art equipment in our internal testing zone. 
The results are carefully documented and then sent to the customer in the test results.

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