Intralogistics - the path to smart warehousing

Innovative Intralogistik

The rapid development of new technologies has led to significant advances in many areas of industry. Innovative solutions are particularly needed in the field of intralogistics to increase efficiency and productivity. Intralogistics refers to the organization, control and implementation of the internal flow of materials, information and goods. This article highlights the latest trends and technologies in intralogistics as well as the advantages and challenges of dealing with new concepts.

EinigeVorteile einer modernen Intralogistik

Increasing efficiency

Reduced throughput times and increased production speed

Reduction of costs

Automated processes and more efficient warehouse management reduce costs

Improving quality

Targeted control of material flows minimizes errors and damage

Efficient warehouse management

Modern intralogistics solutions enable better control of inventory

High flexibility

Companies can respond more quickly to changes in demand

Sustainability and environment

Efficient intralogistics processes can reduce energy consumption and emissions

Relief for employees

Employees are relieved of repetitive and physically demanding tasks

Increasing customer satisfaction

Faster delivery times and higher product quality lead to more satisfied customers

Auomatisierung in der Intralogistik

Automation and robotics

Automated storage and transport systems
Automated storage and transport systems, such as automated rack storage and driverless transport systems (AGVs), are crucial for increasing efficiency in intralogistics. These systems enable goods and materials to be stored and retrieved quickly and precisely, which reduces throughput times and makes optimal use of storage capacity.

Robotics and Cobots
Robots and collaborative robots (cobots) are increasingly taking over tasks in intralogistics. They can be used in various areas, from picking and packing to transporting goods within the warehouse. Cobots work closely with human employees and take on repetitive or physically demanding tasks, while employees can concentrate on more complex activities.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
AGVs transport goods automatically through a warehouse or production facility. They improve material flow and reduce the need for manual transport.

Big Data

AI systems and data optimization

IoT and sensor technology
The Internet of Things (IoT) and modern sensor technologies enable real-time monitoring and control of intralogistics processes. Sensors continuously collect data on the condition and position of goods and materials. This data is analyzed to optimize the material flow and to detect and resolve bottlenecks or disruptions at an early stage.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are playing an increasingly important role in intralogistics. By analyzing large amounts of data, AI algorithms can recognize patterns and make predictions that help optimize warehousing and material flow. For example, AI systems can forecast demand and thus optimally adjust inventory levels.

Predictive Maintenance
By using sensors and data analysis, machines and systems can be continuously monitored to detect early signs of wear or malfunctions. This enables scheduled maintenance work and prevents unplanned downtime.

Intralogistik der Zukunft

A look into the future

Drones are already being used for inventory and warehouse monitoring. They can quickly and accurately record inventory and transmit data in real time, which can significantly improve the efficiency of inventory management.

Augmented Reality (AR)
AR technologies can be used to provide warehouse workers with real-time information about the location and status of goods. AR glasses can display visual instructions and assist with picking and other warehouse processes.

3D printing
In the future, 3D printing could enable the rapid production of spare parts and individual components directly on site. This can reduce inventory costs and shorten response times for maintenance and repair work.

Assembly and contract manufacturing by WIMTECH for modern intralogistics solutions

With extensive experience in the implementation of demanding assembly projects and the manufacture of precise intralogistics components, WIMTECH offers tailor-made solutions for various industries. By using the latest technologies and a clear focus on quality and efficiency, we support our customers in optimizing their production processes and remaining competitive.

Execution of assembly projects

Our specialists take care of the holistic handling of assembly projects - from project management to precise assembly and commissioning on site. We attach particular importance to the use of the latest technologies and innovative processes to ensure optimal results. Thanks to our extensive experience in international projects and our specialized know-how in conveyor technology and intralogistics, we offer tailor-made solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. WIMTECH stands for quality, reliability and seamless integration of modern intralogistics solutions - everything from a single source.

Expertise in control cabinet construction

We manufacture individual control cabinets for the control of conveyor systems and intralogistics solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. In order to be able to meet even complex requirements, we have invested heavily in the expansion of our assembly hall and in a production center. The control cabinets are tested in advance in our internal test zone in order to avoid later failures and additional work.

Contract manufacturing of plant components and assemblies

With the advent of highly developed intralogistics systems, the need for specialized assembly services and contract manufacturing of complex assemblies and system components is also increasing. This includes, for example, conveyor technology elements that must function precisely and reliably in order to ensure the continuous flow of materials in automated warehouses. 

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