Plant engineering in times of globalization

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In the areas of plant engineering and industrial assembly, companies in the DACH region have been able to rely on their excellent reputation for decades and establish correspondingly high-yield price structures. It is no secret that in the course of globalization, suppliers from Asia are also aggressively pushing into the European market with low prices. Of course, these conditions bring with them new challenges, but also opportunities and new paths for innovative companies. In the following points we would like to give you an overview of WIMTECH's strategy and show how we are dealing with the current market situation.

Globalisierung Anlagenbau WIMTECH

Access to new markets

Access to international markets is of course also possible for us and opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion of our business areas. We are constantly working on expanding our global partner and supplier network. In recent years we have been able to expand our expertise in handling international projects. We work in accordance with internationally valid norms and quality standards and are able to efficiently handle even complex assembly projects in accordance with country-specific regulations.

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Increased efficiency through specialization

We do not stick to established processes and working methods, but rather align our portfolio and processes according to customer requirements and future trends. An example of this is one of our business areas, control cabinet construction. In order to stand out from our competitors, we have massively upgraded internally - both in terms of personnel and in our in-house production. With the construction of our new assembly and production hall at the Wels location, completely new possibilities are opening up. We are now able to efficiently produce large quantities and respond to individual customer requests.

Technologie WIMTECH

Technology transfer

We are in constant communication with our international partner companies - this enables the transfer of technologies and know-how, which leads to innovations and improvements in our working methods. This means we always keep our finger on the pulse and expand our know-how in a wide variety of areas.

Internationale Zusammenarbeit bei WIMTECH

Expertise in handling international projects

Working with customers and partners from different countries is not always easy - not only can the individual legal and regulatory requirements lead to compliance challenges and additional costs, cultural and linguistic differences must also be taken into account for a smooth project process. That's why personnel development is a central topic at WIMTECH. What is important to us is the further training of our assembly and construction site managers for international projects, who not only further develop their technical skills, but also specifically their intercultural skills.

Our conclusion

It's true that globalization not only brings advantages and increases the pressure on our markets from international providers. From our point of view, however, there are definitely advantages for domestic companies if they are prepared to get involved in the new market situation and adapt established ways of working.

For us, price dumping is not a sustainable strategy - instead, we focus on optimizing our processes, on smooth project execution, the associated customer satisfaction and on the excellent training and further education of our employees. We use international partnerships to exchange knowledge and technology and thus expand our know-how in dealing with the paradigms of Industry 4.0.

The effects of globalization on our environment should not be ignored. The increase in international goods traffic and the associated increase in emissions is on everyone's lips. We are aware of our responsibility and, when selecting our suppliers, we also pay attention to the mindset of our partners, in addition to availability and quality. Fair treatment of employees, but also of natural resources, is a prerequisite for cooperation.

In general, we concentrate on the positive aspects of globalization, align our corporate strategy with the new circumstances and look positively towards the future.

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