Our new crane system for control cabinet construction

Montageplatten für den Schaltschrankbau

For our customers, the smooth functioning of their conveyor systems and systems is an absolute key factor for the success and profitability of a project. As a provider of mechanical and electrical assembly of conveyor systems, we continually optimize our manufacturing processes and methods. We have invested heavily, particularly in the area of ​​control cabinet construction.

Innovative solutions and the highest quality in production are particularly important to us in control cabinet construction. For the individual adaptation of mounting plates, we have expanded our machine park to include the Perforex MT2101 Milling Terminal. In this way, we guarantee precise results in production and can also efficiently implement large quantities.

Kransystem für den Schaltschrankbau

New crane, new possibilities

Our new crane system is used to equip the production center with the mounting plates. In order to optimally meet our individual requirements, a special solution was designed and implemented. The crane can be equipped with various devices and holders for the lifting process and, in addition to a vacuum lifter, also has a powerful magnetic lifter. The new crane system not only increases productivity in the manufacturing process, but also makes work easier for our assembly team.

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