personnel services

Personnel leasing

Often fluctuating order situations or temporary shortage of expert personnel require a fast reaction concerning personnel resources.

Through selective personnel provision WIMTECH enables you to react fast and flexibly to these requirements. After we have thoroughly got to know your business and your demands we choose suitable employees for your enterprise from our pool of personnel. In documented recruitment procedures we make sure that qualifications and professional knowledge are exactly coordinated with your needs.

Integration leasing

Almost every business knows this problem: For an open position a qualified and reliable employee is needed. Often the necessity to terminate the employment for various reasons arises only after the start of a permanent employment and an elaborate and costly training period.

Minimise the risks of a permanent employment by hiring your new employee for a certain period as a temporary worker. Through careful selection processes candidates with the necessary knowledge and qualifications, which suit your business ideally, are chosen in advance.


Unfortunately dismissals cannot be avoided in the present economic situation – especially with employees, who have been working for the company for a long time this can be a very hard decision.

In this case outplacement offers an extremely social solution – we will help your employees to find new work that fits their expectations as fast as possible.


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